At dusk. // Imagine Poetry Series. // 60.

Photo by Christine Keller on Unsplash

At dusk,

words in a novel

took hostage the shadows

of her french dining chair,

of those puppets dancing on air,

of those dummies savouring the final

scraps of daylight.

Wonder spied from its throne,

the ignorance of its mistress

about the tale unfolding

behind her back.

Then again,

way too often

the history repeats itself,

as the stories printed on those pages

poured from her very soul.

That’s it for this week’s Imagine series. Created for your entertainment either to transport you to another realm or to make you smile/laugh at my less-than-stellar poetry.

Check out the ‘Week 60’ section from my ‘Mood Board’ over on Pinterest if you want to see what inspired this poem.

Thank you for reading!

Take care.



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